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Our mission is to provide our American Veterans of all ages and branches with an alternative form of therapy by using outdoor experiences to help them find peace.  Using adventures in the Pennsylvania wild such as hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding and others to create a passion that will last a lifetime.  Our slogan, You Are Never Alone, is what we want all Veterans to understand and pass along.

Veterans In The Wild Projects:
  • Control the Chaos - This Is My Quest partners with Veterans that have suffered an injury or trauma due to their time on a deployment one-on-one to find an outdoor activity that provides a safe way to release stress and connect with others.  Our Veteran Outreach Director knows from experience that Outdoor Adventures can give new purpose to life.  No Matter what the disability may be the This Is My Quest Team will find a way to get Veterans into the Wilds for a new adventure.

  • Elder Adventures - This Is My Quest appreciates all of the sacrifices that our Elder Veterans have made in their life. We want to hear and share their stories of life and service while taking them back out into the Pennsylvania Wilds on another Adventure. "You are never alone" applies to everyone and we at This Is My Quest want to make sure our Elder Veterans are not forgotten!

  • Veteran Outdoor Group - Group events will be scheduled where Veterans can come together to share their experiences with other Veterans that have been through similar situations, while participating in outdoor adventures.  You Are Never Alone.


Why We Do It:

We understand that the high levels of stress and trauma can create a challenge when it comes to reintegrating into civilian life.

Studies have shown that being in the outdoors can provide the necessary setting to help heal the body, mind and soul.

We believe that those struggling deserve the opportunity to heal while staying connected to the community and to nature.

This Is My Quest shows Veterans that You Are Never Alone.

How We Do It: 

We have created varying dimensions of outdoor experiences using several types of programs for veterans. All of which include levels of support and a length of time that may be required by each participant. These experiences may include supported outdoor activity, guided outdoor activity, retreat, leadership training, environmental stewardship, and animal assisted therapy.

The This Is My Quest team will provide Veterans the opportunity to come together as a group while participating in organized outdoor activities.

We partner with other organizations such as commercial outfitters and guides, health care providers, social workers, veteran's associations, foundations, corporations, and other associations to make this happen.


Where We Do It: 

Northern Pennsylvania offers thousands of acres of mountains, woods, waters and wildlife which provide many therapeutic activities. We utilize our education center, State Game Lands, private acreage, and other non-profit organization's facilities.

We truly believe that outdoor activities can help individuals and their loved ones find peace and in turn help them better integrate back into civilian life. By helping Veterans discover a passion in the outdoors we hope they will continue and pass on their knowledge and experiences as a mentor with some of our other programs at This Is My Quest.

Past Events:

March 10, 2023 

Martz's Gap View Game Preserve Pheasant Hunt sponsored by Keystone Elk Country Alliance

August 19, 2023 

Veterans In The Wild 

You Are Never Alone Poker Run

  Wellsboro VFW Post 4907

  Knoxville VFW Post 6753

  Mansfield VFW Post 6757

  Blossburg VFW Post 8730

  Liberty VFW Post 6755

Let's Get Social

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With our year-round volunteer opportunities for all ages, skill levels, and physical abilities.  Whether you are an individual, an organization, or a corporation volunteering can help you learn new skills, make new contacts, and improve the quality of life for others.

Do you know a Veteran that deserves a break? Send them our contact information and let them know we want to take them into the Pennsylvania Wild.

We are always in need of services and equipment from outdoor gear to building supplies, heavy equipment, food services, marketing materials, and other professional services. 


Host an outdoor adventure for our Veterans or sponsor one of our upcoming adventures.

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