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Conservation Management For Education

Through Conservation Education, TIMQ, Inc. is able to provide educational resources and programs for our students of all ages to learn about the environment from a perspective of hands on education. Through these hands-on, interactive learning opportunities, students, educators, and parents  learn how to become a responsible stewards of our natural resources. By partnering our programs of Conservation Management for private landowners and our educational programs we are able to create platforms and resources for educators and parents to engage youth in environmental education this in turn provides a diverse group of youth with an interest in careers in the conservation field. 

Our Conservation Management and Education Program works with partners to coordinate development and delivery science-based education about forests, lands, streams, and natural resources to pre-k  through adult students including college internships that are available.

During the planning process, Our conservation planner and team of specialists and students work closely with the landowner:


1. Discuss land management objectives;

2. Walk the property with the landowner and team to assess the natural resource concerns and opportunities;

3. Point out areas for possible protection, restoration and improvement;

4. Discuss economic goals for the property, current operations, and future plans;

5. Review recommendations for conservation systems or individual practices, and

6. Weigh alternatives

  • Income Tax Benefits of Donating Conservation Easements​

  • Donating conservation easements provides federal tax benefits

  • The value of the donation of a conservation easement is considered a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb
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Pennsylvania Trout In The Classroom at This Is My Quest

We are an approved Pennsylvania Trout In The Classroom (TIC) location and are happy to be supported by our local Trout Unlimited Chapter Tiadaghton 688

Follow along as we learn all about trout from egg to release 

Project Learning Tree


Project Learning Tree (PLT) "is an award-winning, environmental education program

Through hands-on, interdisciplinary activities, PLT uses the forest as a “window on the world” to help young people learn how to think – not what to think – about complex environmental issues.

PLT programming is offered in Pennsylvania! DCNR is the state sponsor of Project Learning Tree in Pennsylvania".

We are building a dedicated group of students who would like to help educate, share, and take action about the health of our pollinators. We are looking for a program leader who may not currently be an expert but is willing to grow with our club. 

Declining bee populations have been documented by scientists around the world. Part of this is due to a loss of connection between children and nature our goal is to help for a reconnection to not only pollinators but our food. The indoor hive will be incorporated to the bee club giving our members the opportunity to be hands on with the tiny pollinators. 

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