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Conservation Education and Remediation


  • Weed Management and Invasive species control

  • Planting and restoration 

  • Wildlife management - animal inventory and monitoring -Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Mussels, Other Aquatic Invertebrates

  • Riparian and Wetland planting, restoration and creation

  • Threatened and endangered species assessment

  • Grant writing

  • Mapping

  • Forestry Operations 

  • Nature Preserve Assessment and Development

  • Conservation Easements


  • Improving students’ understanding of the environment and the role it plays in their lives.

  • Developing core programs based on current environmental issues to create a version of environmental education that is truly effective.

  • Constructing a diverse portfolio of conservation and management projects that help to cultivate skills that are applicable in any environment where students exist.

  • Instilling that environmentalism is a responsibility while providing a finalized project with real life impact.


Ease of Access to the Outdoors

Our Program Directors and Educators seek to understand and identify barriers that constrain access to the outdoors and then design programs eliminate them, while continuing to provide support.

Our programs understand the experiential importance of education and focuses on ensuring that everyone has access to those opportunities. Fishing/boating, Hunting, Hiking, Biking, etc. Our focus is utilizing our outdoor heritage as a foundation for education. 

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