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Veterans In The Wild: 
Golf Tournament
June 23rd, 2024

  • Tioga Country Club

  • Teams of 4 

  • Raffle Prizes 

Upcoming Events

Veterans In The Wild:
Poker Run
August 17th 2024

  • Raffles

  • Lunch

  • All Road Vehicles Welcome

Honey Harvest Festival
September 27th & 28th  2024

  • Vendors

  • Food

  • Education day

  • Community Day

Oregon Hill Haunted Wine Run 5k

Sunday October 13th 2024

Morris PA

Trees and Mountains

How We Started

From the vast wilderness to the heart of This Is My Quest, Inc, our story begins with the journey of Rose Anna Moore. A contestant on the History Channel's Season 8 of "Alone", Rose's passion for the outdoors was ignited in her early years, growing amidst nature's untamed beauty. It was here, in the embrace of the wilderness, that Rose discovered more than just survival skills; she found her confidence, strength, and a profound sense of peace and fulfillment.


Rose's experiences in the wild transcended mere adventure. They instilled in her a deep understanding of the outdoors and its delicate ecosystems. Recognizing that not everyone had the privilege of such exposure or access to nature, Rose was inspired to bridge this gap. This realization marked the birth of This Is My Quest, Inc, an initiative that embodies Rose's dedication to spreading the message of conservation education.

Today, This Is My Quest, Inc stands as a beacon for those eager to learn, explore, and protect our natural world. We invite you to join Rose's Quest, to be a part of a movement that nurtures awareness and action. It's more than a journey; it's an opportunity to educate the next generation and beyond about the importance of preservation and conservation in the outdoors.

The Birth of a Vision

Our Impact

A Legacy of Change and Preservation

At This Is My Quest, Inc., we measure our success not just in numbers, but in the real, tangible changes we bring about in the world around us. Since our inception, our journey has been marked by impactful strides in conservation education, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. We take immense pride in the significant positive changes we've fostered, both locally and globally.

Conservation Education Through Remediation: Empowering Minds

Education lies at the core of our mission. We've reached thousands, instilling in them a deep understanding and respect for nature. Through workshops, interactive sessions, and field experiences, we've enlightened young minds and adults alike, creating a knowledgeable community that values and protects our natural heritage.

Community Engagement: Ease of Access

Our engagement initiatives have brought together diverse groups, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility towards environmental conservation. We've collaborated with schools, local businesses, and other organizations, creating a ripple effect of awareness and action that extends far beyond our immediate reach.

Environmental Stewardship: Taking Action

We're not just about talk; we're about action. Our stewardship programs have led to the restoration of local habitats, wildlife conservation efforts, and sustainable practices that reduce our ecological footprint. Each project, whether big or small, contributes to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Join Our Quest

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