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Educator Day September 27th 2024

2024 Honey Harvest Festival

We are thrilled to dedicate Friday, September 27th, exclusively to school-age youth and educators.

This day promises many educational and interactive experiences tailored to foster a deeper connection between young minds and the environment. It's a unique opportunity to step outside the classroom and into hands-on learning.

  • Bee Hive Inspections: Don a beekeeper's hat and witness the intricate world of bees up close.

  • Honey Harvesting Demonstrations: Experience the journey from hive to honey jar and the meticulous craft of beekeeping.

  • Educational Activities: Engage in various learning stations that explore the importance of pollinators.

  • Spelling Bee Competition: Test your spelling skills in a fun contest celebrating the art of language.

  • Art Booths: Unleash creativity with art activities inspired by the beauty of pollinators.

  • Youth Art Exhibit Opportunities: Showcase student art projects that reflect their vision of the natural world.

  • Trees as Pollinators: Discover the critical role trees play in supporting our pollinating friends.

Community Day September 28th 2024

Community day of the festival for the public. The main event will feature an array of activities, including:

  • Health Educators: Experts in pollinator health will provide insights into the well-being of our vital pollinators.

  • Intro to Beekeeping Classes: Attendees can get hands-on experience with beekeeping.

  • Master Classes: Renowned beekeeping masters will share their knowledge and expertise with eager learners.

  • Seminars: Engaging seminars will cover a wide range of topics related to pollinators.

  • Speakers: Influential speakers from the fields of ecology, agriculture, and conservation will discuss the importance of pollinators and their role in our world.

  • Honey Vendors: A delightful selection of honey vendors will offer a variety of honey products for tasting and purchase.

  • Food Vendors: Local food vendors will provide delicious treats, including honey-inspired dishes, to satisfy festival-goers.

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